5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

5 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

Today I want to share with you a couple of tips for a better night’s sleep. If your anything like me, once it comes time to lay down for the night, my mind begins racing. All these random worries and thoughts just pop up in my head. I start wondering if I have each child’s things ready for the next day of school, if I answered all emails for the day, and oh yea- did I take the clothes out of the wash? I mean literally this list is ongoing. I know this is all partly due to the fact I don’t have a productive nighttime routine set in place. I mean I try but nothing set in stone (other than my nighttime skincare routine), but no worries I am working on it.

However, I have stumbled upon a few tips and tricks along the way that have helped me improve on my sleep habits and in turn allowed me a better night’s sleep. I’m trying really hard to make these become nightly habits.

“I’d love to know; What is your best advice for a good night’s sleep?”

5 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

I want to state that these tips are definitely nothing new and nothing you haven’t heard of or read about before but regardless I hope you enjoy and put into practice a couple if not all;

    1. Cut off electronics!

      I know some of you are thinking “WHAT,” but just hear me out. Studies have shown that the lights from our electronic devices cause stress, keep the mind/brain racing, and just promotes all around bad sleep habits. The light acts as a stimulate. So it is best to turn off all electronics about an hour before bed. Now, I am someone who really struggles with this rule but I’m making a valiant effort.

    2. Limit Caffeine

      This one is pretty self explanatory, caffeine is a stimulant so after a certain time of day it probably is best to cut off your caffeinated beverages. I would suggest around 2pm being the latest, while some studies suggest none after 12pm. I think this one is truly all based on individual needs. Luckily, other than coffee I really only drink water the rest of the day. Since we are on the topic of caffeine I would also love to suggest adding a nightly tea to your routine and of course make sure it’s non-caffeinated, this is a really relaxing addition to your  nightly routine. Think about trying a peppermint, chamomile, or lavender tea right before your ready to go to bed. During these cold winter months I really enjoy peppermint tea

    3. Take a Bath

      I know your probably thinking this is a no brainer but I know sometimes especially for us busy mommies this little step can go neglected. However, a nice relaxing bath is very important in helping us unwind and destress from the day. This is a time where we can have a moment of peace (hopefully) and clear our mind before getting in bed. I always love lighting candles and using my favorite bath products, this instantly takes me to a state of peace. 

      At the moment I am really loving the Zoella Beauty bath range, below I will share a few things I’m loving at the moment.

    4. Read

       Now I know this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but lately I have really been enjoying reading before I fall asleep. This little addition to my routine has allowed me to completely relax and get lost in whatever it is I am reading an escape my own personal thoughts. Currently at the moment if any of you were curious, I am reading the Harry Potter series. 

      Have any of you read the Harry Potter series? Thoughts?

    5. Create a Cozy Environment

      Now I saved this one for last because it contains quite a few things within this one tiny step. To create a cozy environment I think of several factors;

  • Have your room set to a cooler temperature at night. There is something about getting cozy and cuddling under blankets that just screams comfort. 
  • T.V. turned off. Ideally researchers suggest not having a T.V. in the bedroom (which I do), but if you do, be sure to turn it off at night. Again this goes back to the whole electronics and the light being a stimulant. I will admit this is something I struggle with and I haven’t quite been able to do.
  • A good mattress. As I stated previously in my “Fall Nighttime Routine” post, I was kindly gifted a hybrid memory foam mattress from the lovely people over at Tomorrow Sleep. I wanted to follow up and let my readers know that this mattress is still proving to be the best addition in my sleep routine. My Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress allows for a cooler night’s sleep as well, which goes back to my first point in creating a cozy environment. A good mattress is definitely worth the investment and is key to getting a good night’s sleep.
 Tomorrow Sleep- Hybrid Mattress Review

A memory foam mattress allows you to sleep cooler due these amazing advantages;

  • COOL FOR COMFORTPhase Change Material extracts heat from the breathable top layer
  • BUILT-IN VENTILATIONPerforated outer-edge rails let heat escape through all sides
  • CONTINUOUS AIR-FLOWWrapped coil system layer allows air to flow through the mattress


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I received a mattress and products in exchange for an honest review, but as ALWAYS my opinions are 100% my own. 

*This post contains affiliate links. Thank you in advance if you choose to use one of my affiliate links,  I truly appreciate your support. 

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