Beauty comes in all shades. We are all diverse individuals and we must learn to embrace our own “shade” of beauty. Here’s a glimpse into the many shades that makeup me, April Miller, just one girl sharing her thoughts on all things beauty.

Hey y’all I’m April Miller, a self taught makeup artist with a passion of all things beauty.

Shades of April was created as a place for me to share my passion of the beauty industry and creative world of Makeup Artistry. This is where I share my thoughts on all things beauty and share ways to embrace the beauty in our everyday lives. Whether I am showing you looks of the day, tutorials, reviews or DIY’s, I’m hoping to inspire you to embrace the many shades of beauty that surround us each day. Of course, along the way I hope to create a blog you all love and adore.

Hope those who visit this site learn, laugh, and feel inspired.



  1. October 24, 2015 / 12:51 pm

    April, you are really so Talented. I love your website. Cathy Morris

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