How To: Combatting Dry Winter Lips

How To: Combatting Dry Winter Lips

No matter what part of the US you currently reside I am sure at one point or another you have experienced the wrath of the cold winter air and the effects it has on our skin. Today I wanted to share the steps I take in “Combatting Dry Winter Lips,” with the help of some of my favorite products from Fresh Beauty.

Combatting Dry Winter Lips

The first step in combatting those harsh winter winds is exfoliation. Just like our body and the skin on our face( read more about my “Fall Skin Refresh”), our lips need some extra attention during the Winter months and we need to properly exfoliate. I do want to remind you to be extra gentle when it comes to your lips because the skin is so delicate. The product I chose for this step is my absolute Holy Grail of lip products, especially during Winter- Fresh Beauty Sugar Lip Polish. This polish exfoliates and conditions the lips, leaving them super smooth and soft. 

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

Here is a statement of “Proof” from the Fresh Beauty website:


  • Proven to keep lips moisturized for 6 hours
  • 100% reported healthier-looking, softer lips
  • 97% noticed smoother, more hydrated lips with improved texture
  • 94% felt it exfoliated and removed dry patches while making lips supple and revitalized


Next, Once you have exfoliated you will want to apply a lip balm that is very heavy in hydration. For me, this would be Fresh Beauty “Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment.” I use this particular product throughout the day. Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy is an ultra-nourishing lip treatment proven to significantly boost moisture, enhance volume, and improve the definition of the lip area.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy

Again I am going to share with you the statement of “Proof” from their site:


  • Proven to keep lips moisturized for 24 hours
  • Proven to immediately smooth the lips and significantly moisturize and enhance volume after just four weeks of use
  • 100% noticed their lips were more moisturized, nourished, and supple
  • 100% reported healthier-looking, softer, silkier lips
  • 100% felt it protected their lips overnight, removed dry flakes, and improved dry lips
  • 97% reported improved elasticity and smoothness around the lip area
  • 93% felt it retexturized and visibly improved the overall appearance of their lips

This is an amazing product. Gentle enough to apply numerous times throughout the day and it’s not sticky or goopy. I would highly recommend this lip balm to anyone who is suffering from chapped lips. 

Lastly, and I would have to say this is one of my favorite Fresh Beauty products simply due to not only it being  effective, it smells so heavenly. I’m referring to the Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm. This is definitely one product you won’t mind smelling all day. The flavor and scent is inspired by  delicious glazed caramel. Because this is a balm in a jar rather than a tube and I have to use my fingers to apply,  I like applying this product as my last step right before bed.  This balm provides moisture throughout the night, I wake still feeling like I just applied. I wake with softer lips and a noticeable improvement in the overall texture of my lips. 

Fresh Sugar Caramel Hydrating Balm

Here is the “Proof” statement on the Caramel Hydrating Balm:


  • Proven to lock in moisture and provide 24-hour hydration
  • 100% of testers reported it immediately softened and soothed the lips
  • 97% said it immediately protected, nourished, and comforted the lips
  • 97% felt it smoothed the lip surface
  • 96% felt it improved the appearance of dry lips
  • 93% noticed their lips were immediately healthier-looking and more supple
  • 87% said it prevented dryness and their lips felt strengthened

*in-vivo test after 1 month (unless otherwise noted)

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