Hair Makeover- the LOB

Hair Transformation

hair color and hairstyles for 2016

So I finally did it, I went for the bold cut and color I had been longing for. So long to the frumpy, over grown out roots, and frizzy hair. Hello fun, funky, and trendy new do.

For quite a while I had been wanting to update my look. You know how it is moms, you get stuck in this “rut” shall we say. Well I was there. My hair had over grown out roots, my ends were dead, the color was so drab, and really it was just so frumpy looking. I was always putting it up in messy buns or ponytails, never really taking the time to “style” my hair, plus who really has the time on a daily basis, not this busy momma.

I’ve longed for something fun and funky but always had it in the back of my head, “Come on April, your a mom- you can’t have bright funky hair colors,” I know sounds silly right? Well I honestly believed and till sort of believe that. But I took the leap and finally did something I wanted and not what I thought everyone else thought I should get done.

I’m constantly on my Pinterest (stop by and follow) pinning away my dream life, dream wardrobe, and dream hairstyles. Well I finally picked the cut and color I wanted and went to my stylist and said “transform me.” I wanted the ever so trendy “lob” as well as a base color of a vibrant red, with pops of purple throughout. Sounds totally mom appropriate right, HA!

Hair Makeover

So let me introduce you to the new me!
Lob Hairstyle
Purple hair with lob haircut
2016 instill haircut, the lob
LOB hairstyle inspiration

I swear I feel like a totally different person. So what do you think?

What hair trends of 2016 are you loving or are your favorites?

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  1. January 19, 2017 / 12:58 am

    I too got a lob haircut in the previous year and believe me it changed my whole look.I was showered with loads of compliments.

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