How To: Create Voluminous Hair

Voluminous Hair

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How To: Create Voluminous Hair

For as long as I can remember I have been straightening my hair. However, the times have changed where I have oodles of time where I can sit down and straighten each and every strand to perfection. I have naturally curly/wavy hair, which now I realize can be a blessing, even though I HATED it when I was younger. Now that I am a busy mom to three, I really need to have a routine where it takes minimal time and effort in achieving the perfect hair-do. There are days where I let me curls run wild and say the heck with it, but there are days where I want to look my best and make it appear that I just spent hours on my hair.

After many trials an errors, I have realized that it doesn’t need to take a ton of time or countless tools to achieve sexy voluminous yet straight hair. As long as you have the right tool or tools, your one step closer to those Victoria Secret tousled tresses.

How To: Creating Voluminous Hair

Today I wanted to share with you how I typically straighten my hair. I will on occasion leave it straight but for those days or nights where I feel a little extra saucy, I will take a curling wand or curling iron and quickly create a few loose beachy waves.
How To: Create Voluminous Hair

  • Starting out, you can see I have pretty curly hair. I like to let my hair air dry a good bit before I start any styling on my hair, especially if I am using heat.
  • First I apply Argan Oil and brush through my hair with a large paddle brush, I’m using the Goody Gelous Grip Paddle Brush. Paddle brushes are perfect for detangling and smoothing the strands of hair.
  • Next, using clips I like the section my hair into three sections. Top-Side-Side

How To: Create Voluminous Hair

  • After I have Sprayed a heat protectant in my hair I begin by blowdrying the first section of my hair. I used a boar bristle round brush for blowdrying my hair, Goody Straight Talk Porcupine Hot Round Brush. The boar bristles will allow for a smoothed look with an added shine finish.

Always roll your hair under while using the brush and aim the dryer downward. If you blow the air up towards the brush you are going to create frizz and major flyaways. 

  • Repeat process on other side. Look at that gorgeous shiny finish!
  • Final step. I separate my top section into two sections and while my hair is flipped over, I begin drying. I find blowdrying my top section with my hair flipped over, it creates a lot more body. Repeat to the final section.
  • The finish look is a beautiful straighten hairdo. Perfect for everyday.

Taking It to the Next Level

You could just stop right here but I want to take it a step further and create a sexy tousled finish.How To: Create Voluminous Hair

I typically like to finish off my hair when worn straight, by adding a couple beachy waves for that sexy tousled look. I know your probably thinking “Didn’t you start off with curly hair,” and yes I did but the finish of this hair is so much more polished then my natural curls.

Brush through your freshly straightened hair in preparation of the next step. I chose to use the   Goody® Clean Radiance™ Oval Brush. The copper bristles are perfect for messaging the scalp and help with the reduction of product build up. Be sure to always use a brush with copper bristles on dry hair, that’s why it’s perfect for this step.

Then, I take a curling wand or curling iron, whatever your preference is and begin to create loose curls. I typically will wrap hair midway on the shaft and hold for like 10-15 secs. and let go. I choose random sections, really no rhyme or reason with this step. Once you create the amount of waves/curls you want, brush out with the same Goody® Clean Radiance™ Oval Brush.

So what do you think? Not too shabby for an exhausted momma of three huh? I would love to hear your go to hairdos that make you feel fabulous.

No matter the type of style you are wanting to create, Goody Hairbrushes have you covered. You can find a whole range of Goody products to fit your every need by visiting your local Walmart.

Goody Hairbrushes

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  1. March 21, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    I have stick straight hair…think this would work for me? I’m always looking for another way to have fabulous hair in my travel photos.

    • AprilMiller
      March 22, 2016 / 5:12 pm

      If you have straight hair I would recommend blowdrying and then use a curling wand or hot rollers. Maybe start off by spritzing with texture spray. Hope that helps!

  2. March 23, 2016 / 5:52 am

    Looove how your curls turned out! I have bleached hair so I could definitely use the tips to bring some volume back into my hair.

    • AprilMiller
      April 12, 2016 / 1:26 pm

      Thanks! I have really been enjoy the copper bristle brush as my finishing brush. Leaves my hair shiny and super soft.

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