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With the popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Bloglovin’ forever evolving; creating catching appealing visual content is a must. Whether your someone who blogs for fun/hobby or for a business, being able to create stunning visuals will set you apart from all the millions of other blogs and bloggers out there. believe me this is a very over saturated and competitive field.

Today I want to talk to you about the Top Photography Equipment for Blogging. As mentioned previously, if blogging is more a business venture for you, well then you may want to step your photography game up a notch. With a sea of stunning flat lays circulating social media, it may be hard to set yourself a part from the rest. Below I list some photography equipment that I currently use and love. If you are more on the  budget conscious side, I think you too may find some helpful suggestions within this post.
1. Camera- Canon EOS 7 D- $900

Canon EOS 7D
I have to be honest, I got pretty lucky when it came to getting my hands on a decent DSLR. My dad purchased the Canon EOS 7D and it was just sitting at his house and he rarely ever used it so I pretty much went over and confiscated it and I guess I will just return it when he needs it (which seriously, I doubt will ever happen.) However, with that being said, the Canon EOS 7D is a fabulous camera. It is definitely on the more pricer end and I am 100% sure you can find other cameras that are much cheaper and would suffice. It was quite sometime that my dad purchased this camera, so I’m not sure if they still sell it in stores, but I think the “newer” version of it is the Canon EOS 7D Mark II (which happens to be on sale right now).  I think the only downside with this camera is that there isn’t a flip out view finder, which comes in super handy when filming and taking blogging photos. Plus, there is no autofocus when filming, but all in all I really love this camera and it has provided me with some amazing shots.

2. Lens- Canon 50mm F1.8- $115
Canon Camera Lenses
Now this was a separate purchase from the camera itself. The camera came with the standard kit lens (28-135mm), which if you are a beginner is a perfectly fine lens and it will get the job done. Today however I want to introduce you to the Canon 50mm F1.8 Lens. I have heard bloggers and YouTuber’s rave over this little beauty over and over again. I finally gave in and purchased it, which boy am I so glad I did. This lens creates stunning, crisp photos for my blog. It has an f-stop of 1.8. which simply means it has a much greater depth of field (you can achieve that amazing bokeh effect that is all the rage in the blogging/YouTubing world). After taking photos with both lenses, I would highly suggest that if you ever buy any lens for your camera, let it be this one.

3.Tripod- $50 + Remote- $20
I myself being a blogger that takes all my own photos, this handy remote has become my best friend. Another best friend of mine when talking photography, my handy tripod. Now a tripod to me is an absolute must. A tripod allows you to achieve crisp photos and blurred images due to you holding a camera with shaky hands. You would be surprised how much a difference a tripod can make in your image quality. I purchased both from Best Buy, but again I know Amazon has much cheaper ones (just make sure your camera is compatible), like this tripod and remote combo for just $22;

4.Artificial Lighting- Diva Ring Light- $249

Super Nova Diva Ring Light
When taking images whether its food photography, product swatches, or makeup looks- natural light will always be the best source of lighting. However, Mother Nature isn’t always the most reliable and if your someone who can only work on blog at night, like myself, then you will have to rely on some sort of artificial lighting. I decided after saving up for some time to purchase a Super Nova Diva Ring Light from DVE Store. Yes, this is the light you see all “Make Up Gurus” using. Even though this is a costly purchase, I am so glad that I did invest in this gem. I was able to attach the ring light directly to my tripod instead of purchasing a light stand separate, I really didn’t have the room space for more equipment.

However if you don’t have a sturdy tripod (one made for DSLRs) then I would highly recommend buying a cheap one from amazon. This one HERE is only $16 on Amazon. 

What I love about the ring light that I purchased, is the ability to dim the light as needed.

Super Nova Diva Ring Light

Depending on your lighting situation and camera your using, you can go from insanely bright (like pictured) to a very subtle glow. Pictured above I have it on the highest setting accompanied with the diffuser cloth that came with it.

5.Seamless Paper- $27.99
Seamless Paper Photo Backdrop
Now you can totally get by without having a backdrop but I can’t stress to you how this simple item can really take your photos up a notch. I currently have the shade “Coral” in the size: 4.5ft wide by Savage Universal. They offer 65 color options, so imagine the endless possibilities you have when it comes to your blogging photos and even filming. Plus if you are more fortunate than I am and have unlimited space, they offer their rolls of paper in several different sizes;

  • 26″ x 12yd (66cm x 11m)
  • 53″ x 12yd (135cm x 11m)
  • 107″ x 12yd (271cm x 11m)
  • 107″ x 50yd (271cm x 46m)

Seamless Photo Paper backdrop

As you see here pictured, I have the roll of paper attached to a stand and pulled out. You can purchase a backdrop stand or you can get a little resourceful like me and use something around the house that may serve the same purpose. Here I simple used a wardrobe rack that I had, that actually expandable and I was able to very easily attach my roll of paper. You could also easily drape the paper over a table to set up for product shots, I’ve found this very helpful.

Here’s what a blogging photo looks like using the seamless paper (plus all the photos today featured in this post was using my seamless paper for the background);

Seamless Photo Paper Backdrop

To me this looks much more polished and refined then taking a photo with a busy background.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram to see this beauty in action! Plus be sure to follow Savage Universal on Instagram as well, their posts will definitely inspire you when it comes to photography.

6. DIY Marble Photo Board- DIY

Marble photo board how to

I wanted to include this bit because it is a DIY I did myself (okay with the help of my husband as well, I guess we mustn’t forget him) that I am quite proud of. I created this marble photo board to serve as a flat lay background for my social media posts as well as my product shots for the blog.  It provides a very sophisticated, clean, and polished look to your photos. Check the blog post out HERE to see how I created this little gem and what products I used. This is a very affordable DIY that really packs a punch.

If you do make this yourself using my “how-to” directions, please be sure to share with me on any of my social media platforms, I would love to see them. 

7. Iphone


Yep, you read that right, your cell phone, Apple iPhone I am speaking of specifically, can serve as handy little blogging tool. The iPhone 6s has an AMAZING camera that takes really beautiful pictures, that I am proud to share and post on the blog. Along with the amazing quality camera, your able to download some pretty nifty photo editing apps that come in handy. My favorites are; Facetune, Enlight, Snapseed, VSCO cam. So if all else fells and you are really taking a go at blogging but can’t afford all of the items mentioned in this post, don’t let that stop you, use what you have lying around already.

What is some of your favorite blogging photography equipment?


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  1. Jess
    September 6, 2016 / 7:01 pm

    When you take photos with the ring light, do you have it propped in front of the subject, to the side or above? And what settings are your camera on? Thanks!

    • AprilMiller
      September 12, 2016 / 12:31 pm

      Hey Jess, thank you so much for commenting. Most of the time the ring light is set up right in front of the object. However, if I am blessed to have a beautiful day, I will rely more on natural light from a window source (never directly in the bright sun) and I will sit the ring light to the side to somewhat even out the balance of light. I hope that makes sense. I have been getting a lot of questions about my set up so I think I am going to make a separate post, and hopefully that will help. As for camera settings, it honestly depends on the day. I try to keep the settings on, Daytime (white balance) Auto ISO, use my 50mm 1.8 lens if permitted, and AV mode. I try to always shoot in standard or faithful. As for everything else like the F-Stop it really depends on the lighting and setting I’m shooting in that day. I really hope this helped some what.

  2. September 12, 2016 / 9:17 am

    This is a great article. I have been trying to figure out backdrop and lighting ideas. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • AprilMiller
      September 12, 2016 / 12:32 pm

      Thank you so much Gwen for stopping by. I am so glad you enjoyed this article and found it somewhat helpful.

  3. September 12, 2016 / 11:03 pm

    A tripod and a remote are a must! Great roundup.

  4. October 29, 2016 / 4:42 pm

    I loved this article April. So resourceful and well written! Great job! 👍🏽

    • AprilMiller
      November 4, 2016 / 11:50 am

      Thanks so much girl! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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